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ASN Mission Statement

Our mission for the ASN Program is to provide our novice nursing students with a high quality nursing program that challenges them in a variety of collaborative clinical settings in the community. We enhance our student’s learning within a student centered and culturally enriched environment and prepare the student to be an advanced beginner in the profession of nursing, as they grow personally and professionally.

RN to BSN Mission Statement

The mission of the Montana State University-Northern RN to BSN Completion Program is to offer an online nursing program of professional development which assists the RN to grow personally and professionally. The RN to BSN courses build on the student’s knowledge and experience as a registered nurse, enhancing skills in community health, research and leadership roles as she/he moves along the practice continuum from advanced beginner/competent to expert.


The purpose of the Department of nursing is to prepare Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) and RN to Bachelor of Science in nursing ( RN to BSN) graduates to function in professional nursing roles while providing healthcare to culturally diverse populations across the life span. The programs provide a foundation of life-long learning, which promotes integration of critical thinking skills and evidence based practice into clinical decision making processes.


The overall goals of the Department of Nursing reflect commitment to the mission of the Department of Nursing and are congruent with the mission statements of the University. The goals are as follows:

  1. Provide undergraduate educational programs for the preparation of professional nurse generalists capable of practicing in diverse settings.
  2. Provide a baccalaureate program that builds upon the associate degree competencies and lays the foundation for graduate education.
  3. Facilitate educational mobility from the technical (LPN) to the baccalaureate level through the use of articulation agreements, distance learning strategies and other methods.
  4. Contribute to the delivery of health care in Montana and beyond by providing ASN and RN to BSN registered nurses.
  5. Prepare faculty and students for the future needs of a global society by developing community partnerships and integrating a humanistic understanding of diverse populations and cultures.
  6. Engage in faculty development activities and the promotion of scholarship and service.
MSU-Northern Department of Nursing Philosophy Statement

The faculty of Montana State University-Northern Department of Nursing believes that each individual has human needs with the innate desire to achieve self-actualization. It is the honor accorded to the faculty to assist the students who have chosen this program to develop personally and professionally.

The faculty further believes that by incorporating the following tenants in their instructional paradigm that students will have the opportunity to grow and develop as nurses and as unique individuals.

Human Flourishing; Instructors advocate for varied and comprehensive nursing education approaches that promote student self-determination, integrity and growth as human beings.

Nursing Judgment; the instructor models the ability to make sound clinical and classroom judgments based on the best available evidence, synthesizing knowledge and experience from both the science and art of nursing to provide safe, quality care promoting the health of patients within the family and community context. Varied educational environments will be utilized in which the student is able to incorporate this ability into their own personal nursing practice.

Professional Identity; facilitating the student's development and implementation of the professional nursing role with theoretical and clinical experiences that reflect integrity, and acceptance of personal responsibility, demonstrating a willingness to lead forward with a final goal of developing a nurse who will be dedicated to providing safe, quality care to the patient population.

Spirit of Inquiry; through clinical experience, didactic, and interpersonal interaction, the faculty facilitates the student's ability to thoughtfully and critically question the status quo, expose underlying assumptions, and use research-based evidence to continuously pursue new and innovative ways to address healthcare issues.