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Administrative Policy and Procedures Manual
Section 1000: Campus Policy
1001.13 Discrimination Training Policy
Effective: April 20, 2011
Review Date: April 2013
Responsible Party: Director of Human Resources

To educate staff and faculty on the importance of non-discrimination and the prevention of sexual harassment in the work environment and classroom, each Montana State University campus requires all employees to complete discrimination and harassment prevention training on a biennial basis. All new employees are required to complete the online training program (or an equivalent training program approved by Human Resources within the first 30 days of employment. Temporary employees and student employees may be required to complete the training program at the discretion of the department of hire and/or in conjunction with Human Resources. Supervisors shall support the employee in providing a reasonable amount of work time for the employee to complete the training program. Training programs can be selected from resources such as online programs, presentations or self-study options as determined and pre-approved by administration and/or Affirmative Action or Human Resources.