Section 1000: Campus Policy

Effective: January 26, 1986
Revised: February 2007
Review Date: February 2009
Responsible Party: Chancellor

Software is generally purchased for and licensed to a single processing unit (ie. computer). Reproducing (copying) any software may violate MSU-Northern's license agreements or may be in violation of the copyright laws of the United States or both.


  1. Individuals apprehended copying or in possession of copied MSU-Northern's software or software licensed to Montana State University-Northern without the knowledge and permission of MSU-Northern's Information Technology Services will be treated as stated under "Unauthorized Use." In addition, such individuals may be prosecuted under the federal laws. MSU-Northern will not accept responsibility for students or employees that may be in violation of license agreements or federal laws.
  2. Individuals may not charge nor destroy software nor data that is not their own possession. Such action will be considered as "Improper Use" and dealt with as "Unauthorized Use."
  3. Individuals that use software from other computers on MSU-Northern's computers do so at their own risk.
  4. Individuals contemplating using borrowed software on MSU-Northern's computers are urged to contact Information Technology Services to assure themselves that they are not in violation of MSU-Northern's policies or the law.
  5. Unauthorized Use: Unauthorized use of services (accounts, data, programs, equipment etc.) is not allowed. Any individual or organization apprehended for unauthorized use will be reported to the appropriate official. MSU-Northern reserves the right to initiate civil and criminal action against offenders. In addition, employees are subject to discharge and students may be suspended.
  6. Improper Use: Deliberate improper use of services including equipment will be treated as unauthorized use.

Note: The Regents of the Montana University System have issued a general policy item covering unauthorized use and copying of computer software. See 1901.1 Regents Policy and Procedures Manual - November 18, 1999.