Section 300: Committee Composition

Effective: September 2002
Revised: September 2010
Review Date: September 2012
Responsible Party: Director of Business Services

The University Facilities Planning Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Chancellor and will develop, recommend and maintain policies related to the development and utilization of campus facilities and grounds.

All University committees whose primary function relates to the role of this Board shall be formed by and report to this Board. All proposals generated by individuals, groups or committees that relate to the role of the Board shall be reviewed by the Board for recommended action to the Chancellor.

Duties of the Board:

  1. Review and update the Facilities elements of the Campus Strategic Plan.
  2. Review and participate in establishing priorities for the MSUN Long Range Building Program.
  3. Review and recommend action on the development of new building programs and the location of all new buildings and structures.
  4. Coordinate the development and review of the Campus Design Guidelines.
  5. Review and recommend action on all remodeling requests that necessitate changes in physical configuration of space in major public areas.
  6. Review and recommend action on all proposed changes to the campus grounds, including pedestrian, vehicular, parking, lighting and signage systems.
  7. Review and recommend action on classroom renovation scope and priority.
  8. Provide conceptual architectural review of projects to assure consistency with overall campus development.

Note: The Board does not review the following items:

  1. Day-to-day Buildings and grounds maintenance items.
  2. Interior remodeling or renovation except classroom renovation and those in major public spaces are not reviewed by the UFPB but must be accomplished throughout the office of Facilities Services.
  3. The placement of furnishings and equipment in a space when that equipment is not fixed or does not require space modification.
  4. Traffic and parking regulations.

Committee Members:

Member Start      
Director of Business Services Chair    
Dean-College of Education, Arts & Sciences, Nursing Perm      
Dean-College of Technical Sciences Perm      
Director of Nursing Perm      
Dean of Students Perm      
Dean of Extended University Perm      
Director of Housing Perm    
Director of Athletics Perm      
Director of Information Technology Perm      
Director of Facilities Services Perm    
Student (appointed by Student Senate)   Reappoint every year    
Student (appointed by Student Senate) optional   Reappoint every year    
Member at-Large (appointed by Chancellor)   Reappoint every 2 years    
Member at-Large (appointed by Chancellor) Optional   Reappoint every 2 years    

X = Abbreviated Board Committee which has authority to act in the Board’s behalf in cases of emergency, or any item that must be acted upon that the Chair may deem minor.

AD HOC Committees may be formed from time to time to study specific issues, such as parking, lighting, signage, space allocation, or any other issues related to the purview of the Board or as directed by the Chancellor.

Participation: The active participation of each UFPB member is crucial to the conscientious execution of the Board’s duties. While regular attendance is important, the active participation requirement can be met through the use of authorized proxies and timely communications with the UFPB Chair and/or Secretary. The Board reserves the right to replace members who do not adequately participate in the activities of the Board.


Policy 903.1 University Property and Facilities Rental
Policy 903.4 Space Assignments & Management