Section 300: Committee Composition

Effective: June 2012
Review Date: June 2014
Responsible Party: Director of Business Services


The Montana State University-Northern Budget Advisory Committee serves as an advisory and recommending body to the Chancellor on matters pertaining to the institutional operating budget. The Committee helps define and oversee budget policies and procedures, and ensures that financial resources are allocated in a manner that supports the University's mission and vision. It is the responsibility of the Director of Business Services to make recommendations to the Chancellor on behalf of the Committee. The objectives of the MSUN Budget Advisory Committee are to:

  • Educate the campus community on the budget planning process by communicating with their various constituencies
  • Facilitate the development of annual budget projections, based on enrollment and state funding
  • Collect and evaluate requests for allocation of funds, including Tuition Reserve funds

The Committee will::

  • Meet regularly during the calendar year conduct the business of the Committee.
    • During Spring Semester, emphasis will be on developing the subsequent year's budget
    • During Fall Semester, emphasis will be on allocating Tuition Reserve funds if available
  • Make recommendations to the Chancellor and Senior Executive Staff regarding budget projections and allocation of resources in support of campus strategic planning initiatives


The Budget Advisory Committee will consist of:

  • Director of Business Services
  • Accountant/Budget Officer
  • Director of IT
  • Director of Facilities Services
  • College Deans or their designees
  • a representative from each academic college (recommended by the deans)
  • one representative each from the faculty union and the staff union
  • one representative from Student Affairs (recommended by the Dean of Students)
  • one student (recommended by Student Government)

Members are appointed by the Chancellor after consideration of recommendations stated above.