Section 800: Financial Affairs

Effective: January 31, 1994
Revised: October 1, 2007
Review Date: October 1, 2009
Responsible Party: Vice Chancellor for Finance, Administration & Student Affairs


  • All requisitions for computer-related software and hardware will be reviewed by the Director of Information Technology Services prior to processing.
  • All computer software and hardware will be shipped to Information Technology Services prior to distribution.
  • All books and audio-visual hardware or software will be shipped to the Library prior to distribution.


  • To insure that the MSU-Northern community shares materials to support instruction, research and public services.
  • To insure that materials acquired through institutional funds be shared among the MSU-Northern community for maximum educational benefit.
  • To ascertain regularly the usefulness, quality, and state of repair of materials.
  • To make optimum use of educational materials throughout the MSU-Northern community without infringing licenses, copyrights, and other legal restrictions.
  • To dispose of materials when no longer cost effective.
  • To use materials for public service provided that usage at MSU-Northern is not degraded.
  • To fix clear accountability for acquiring, maintaining and using materials.