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Ashley Betzel
Ashely Betzel
Name: Ashley Betzel
Hometown: Great Falls, MT
Grad Year: 2016
Major: Elementary Education

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is the pond and fountain by Cowan Hall. I think that it’s a perfect little place to get away from school. I find it very soothing to go and listen to the water and just relax. If I ever feel the need to get away without actually leaving town that is where you will find me.

What is your favorite place in Havre?

My favorite place in Havre is Rod’s. I think it’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever had. I could probably go and have an Ugly Burger there every day and never get sick of them. I also really love their chocolate milk shakes and curly cheese fries. If I ever want to indulge myself with some yummy food, Rod’s is always my first stop.

If you were able to relive your freshman year, what advice would you give yourself?

If I could relive my freshman year the best advice I could give myself would be to go out and get involved. My entire freshman year I sat in my dorm room and just hated being at college. I started getting myself into activities and then I started to LOVE College. I slowly introduced myself into activities, then I just couldn’t get enough of them and this year I’m involved in so much I’m surprised that I have time to sleep! The people that I have met here while involved in everything are the kind of people I love being around and they accept me for the individual that I am. So go out and get yourself involved in school, you never know what kind of things you will like doing or who you will end up meeting.

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

Take a second and think of how many women you have seen in a shop, turning wrenches and making money….. usually not very many right? Well for three years of high school and my first two and a half years here at MSUN I was that girl in the shop turning wrenches and learning how to fix vehicles. I fell in love with it and the dirtier my hands were the happier I was. I even went on and competed in a state competition and my best friend who was also my competition partner went on and won first place in the written competition and fourth place in the hands on competition. We were the first team of girls to compete in over 70 years. It was a pretty big accomplishment for me. That just drove my passion for the trade. After some serious thought I came to the realization that I enjoyed it as more of a hobby than a job.

What extracurricular activity do you enjoy most?

My favorite activity outside of school would have to be fishing. I enjoy just taking an afternoon or day to just be out by the water and casting my day away. I think just being out and taking in the fresh crisp air, looking around and seeing the beautiful country around you, listening to the rush of the water or the calmness of it, might be one of the best things. I don’t know if there is a better feeling then when you snag one and fight with it and finally pull that sucker out of the water. It’s such a fulfilling feeling to know that you can work hard and come up with a giant or not so giant fish. The catch with me though is that I can’t actually touch the fish. The feel of them just doesn’t sit well with me. So I always need a fishing partner that doesn’t mind actually touching the fish.

If you could live at any other time in history when would it be and why?

If I could live in any other time period it would be the 80’s. Big hair and awesome music, what else could you possibly want. I grew up listening to 80’s music so naturally I just love it. The hair…… I would definitely get up early every day just to tease and hairspray my hair till it was skyscraper height. The best concerts I been to have all been 80’s groups. If only I could go back and just live it up in the 80’s, I would probably be the happiest person ever! A girl can have dreams right….. Don’t Stop Believing!!


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