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Planned Giving for Beginners

Planned Giving for Beginners grew out of a desire to help individuals who are new to planned giving get started. We are aware that many Crescendo users come with a variety of backgrounds and with varying levels of expertise in computers and in planned giving. In an effort to assist those who are new to planned giving and its terminology, we prepared this booklet.

Planned giving is made up of people helping other people plan their estates and their charitable giving in ways that benefit both the family and charity. Our Federal Tax Code allows for several trust and gift agreements that are used in making these planned gifts to charity and that also provide some tax benefits. Therefore, the study and practice of planned giving is twofold. It involves knowledge of people and their needs as well as knowledge of taxation and the gift agreements available to fill those needs.

The purpose of this article is to familiarize you with the area of annuities, trusts and other gift agreements. For additional information, we encourage you to attend our series of Crescendo Seminars, which include both planned giving and hands-on training. Crescendo Seminars follow this sequence:

  1. Comprehensive Seminar
  2. Advanced Seminar
  3. Zero Estate Tax Seminar
  4. Internet Marketing Seminar

We hope that you will benefit from this article and find it helpful in your planned giving efforts. We also hope that you will attend Crescendo training and experience the potential of the powerful Crescendo Software programs to illustrate the benefits of charitable tax planning to your donors.