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Student Health 101 is a monthly health and wellness magazine just for college students. Each issue contains valuable information that will help you make better decisions while in college, and can help you with a better understanding of the health and wellness challenges that face today’s students.

Student Health 101 is not just about just health. It’s about your lifestyle. Each online issue talks about the issues that matter, and focuses on helping you to get the best out of life in college.

In addition to some great articles, Student Health 101 has embedded audio/video, cartoons and contests (with prizes!). Check out the website for tons of info on everything an Northern student would need. You can even post your own material, share comments with other students around the country, and SH101 can be linked to your Facebook page.

January 2013

Student Health 101 Cover - January 2013
  • 13 Apps for a Healthy 2013
    Technology you can use to further your wellness
  • Let's Talk Sex
    3 steps for keeping it safer
  • Roommates & Shared Spaces
    Do's & don'ts of living with others
  • No Stove? No Problem!
    Simple meals you can prepare anywhere
  • Present Yourself on Paper
    Writing effective resumes & cover letters
  • UCookbook: Quick & Healthy Breakfasts
  • FitnessU: Intervals
  • And much more... check it out now!