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Section 100 Organization and Administration
Section 200 Responsibilities of Administrative Officers
Section 300 Committee Composition
Section 400 Academic Affairs
Section 500 Faculty Affairs
Section 600 Student Affairs
Section 700 Non-Academic Affairs
Section 800 Financial Affairs
Section 900 Physical Plant
Section 1000 Campus Policy
Section 1100 Research and Sponsored Projects
Section 1200 Athletics

Other MSU-Northern Policies

AA/EEO Statement
Online Privacy Statement

 Affirmative Action:
Minorities and Women
Individuals w/ Disabilities and Covered Veterans
The detailed analysis reports that accompany the MSUN Affirmative Action Plans are located in the office of the MSUN Human Resources Director/EEO Administrator, Kathy Jaynes, Cowan Hall, Room 208.

Other policies (external)

Board of Regents Policies
Board of Regents IT Policies
Montana Code Annotated 2011
State of Montana IT Policies