Section 200: Responsibilities of Administrative Officers

201   Chancellor
201.2   Athletic Director  
201.3   Director of University Relations 
202   Officials to Act in Place of the Chancellor
203   Foundation Executive Director
210   Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
210.5   Dean of Students/Registrar
210.6   Director of the Library
210.9   Dean of Extended University/Director of Summer Session
211   Dean of the College of Education, Arts & Sciences, and Nursing
211.1   Director of Nursing
211.2   Director of Education and Assessment
214   Dean of the College of Technical Sciences
216   Assistant Dean of Student/Housing Director
216.2   Director of Financial Aid
220.1   Director of the Career Center
220.4   Director of Academic Student Support
220.6   Director of Trio Grants
220.7   Director of Student Life
230   Director of Business Services/Chief Fiscal Officer
230.1   Controller
230.2   Director of Information Technology Services
230.3   Director of Facilities Services
230.4   Director of Human Resources
280.1   Performance Evaluations of Professional/Administrative Employees with Contracts
280.2   Performance Evaluations of Classified/Classified Exempt Employees