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Administrative Policy and Procedures Manual
Section 1000: Campus Policy
1003.1 Alcoholic Beverages
Effective: May 10, 1989
Revised: October 1, 2007
Review Date: October 1, 2009
Responsible Party: Chancellor


Consumption of Alcoholic beverages on property belonging to Montana State University-Northern is prohibited except as expressly permitted. Alcoholic beverage means any beverage subject to Montana Alcoholic Beverages Code.

Alcoholic beverages may be consumed by students and their guests in individual residence hall or in individual married student housing units, provided such consumption is in compliance with state law.

Authorizations by the Chancellor of Montana State University-Northern for consumption of alcoholic beverages in other college-owned areas shall conform to the following conditions:



MUS Policy and Procedures Manual: Policy 503.1 Alcoholic Beverages;
MSU-Northern Administrative Policy & Procedures Manual: Policy 903.1 University Property and Facilities Rental