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Administrative Policy and Procedures Manual
Section 1000: Campus Policy
1021 Bulletin Boards, Distribution and Posting of Written Materials
Effective: August 2003
Revised: April 2007
Review Date: April 2009
Responsible Party: Vice Chancellor of Finance, Student Affairs & Administration


Montana State University-Northern recognizes the rights of all individuals to freedom of expression. This policy establishes procedures for the posting of advertising and all other types of printed matter on the campus of MSU-Northern. All printed material must conform to all applicable local, state and federal laws.

There are special restrictions applicable to the posting of materials in the residence halls. The Housing Director must pre-approve all items.

Violators of this policy may be required to remove the materials and/or be charged for the cost of removal, cleaning or damages.

There are three basic types of bulletin boards on campus:

Classroom Bulletin Boards

The use of bulletin boards within campus classrooms is at the discretion of the instructors using that classroom.

Official Bulletin Boards

Specifically marked for use by a University department or office.

No materials of any type may be posted on an official bulletin board without the permission of the department or office designee. The department or office designee will be responsible for posting appropriate materials and for removing outdated materials on a regular basis. Materials posted without departmental or office approval may be removed immediately and without notice to the sponsoring group or individual.

General Use Bulletin Boards

General Use bulletin boards are available for any member of the University community and the general public without prior approval. Contact information and either the event date or the posting date must be included on the posted item. All material must conform to all applicable local, state and federal laws.

Building designees will remove all outdated or non-dated materials. Non-event items will be removed after two weeks.

Building Contacts for Posting
  • Cowan Hall 1st Floor East Director of IT
  • Cowan Hall 1st Floor West Dean’s Office
  • Cowan Hall 2nd Floor West Director of Human Resources
  • Cowan Hall 2nd Floor East Student Support Services
  • Cowan Hall 2nd Floor Center Registrar’s Office
  • Cowan Hall 3rd Floor East Director of Nursing
  • Cowan Hall 3rd Floor Center Community Services Office
  • Library Library Director
  • Student Union Building – Food Services Director
  • Gym—Upstairs Wellness Director
  • Gym—Downstairs Athletic Secretary
  • All Other Buildings Director or Dean

Posting in Other Areas

The University does not assume any obligations or responsibility for the content of the materials distributed, nor does posting constitute any endorsement by the University.

General Posting Rules

When posting announcements on bulletin boards, the following rules must be used:

Items failing to comply with these rules will be removed.