Section 300: Committee Composition

Effective: November 1, 2000

Council Structure

The Montana State University-Northern Technology Council’s membership consists of one faculty \ representative from each college, one classified staff, two students, one classified exempt staff, one professional staff, one administrative staff (Information Technology Services Director) and the Chancellor as an ex officio member. A chair and vice-chair will be elected at the beginning of each academic year.

Council Goals

  1. Provide recommendations and guidance to the ITS Director on matters that relate to administrative and instructional technologies. These technologies include computers, networks, NorthNet and information delivery systems, Internet, Intranet, telephones and software and other related campus technologies.
  2. Assist the ITS Director in developing plans that provide for modern and continuously upgraded information technologies usage.
  3. Encourage and guide the campus in creating a technology enhanced environment that effectively serves students, faculty, staff and administration.

Council Activities

  1. Conduct, during the academic year, bi-monthly meetings that address campus information technology topics and concerns
  2. Keep the campus community informed about current and planned information technology resources
  3. Regularly provide input and advice to the Chancellor and ITS Director
  4. Create and disseminate short and long term campus technology plans
  5. Solicit input from students, faculty and staff on campus technology issues
  6. Assist ITS with annual review and inventory of campus technology resources
  7. Continuously research information about technology use and needs
  8. Review new and emerging technology applications that may serve the campus
  9. Recommend membership structure of the Computer Fee Advisory Committee to the Chancellor