Section 300: Committee Composition

Effective: March 1, 2001
Revised: March 2007
Review Date: March 2009
Responsible Party: Vice Chancellor for Finance, Administration & Student Affairs

The Radio Broadcast Station License is under the name of Northern Montana College. No Television Broadcast License is currently assigned to MSU-Northern. In order to effectively manage and plan for current and future assessments, this Radio Station Committee is formed.


A committee, hereafter called the KNMC Radio Committee, will develop policies and oversee the general operations of any stations affiliated with MSU-N campus. This Committee:

  • Shall recommend policy to the Chancellor for approval;
  • Shall report annually (by May 1) to the Chancellor concerning the operations of the station;
  • Shall meet monthly, excepting May, June, July and August;
  • Shall distribute minutes to the campus for review and information.

This committee will be comprised of at least:

  • Two faculty members
  • Two administrators (one of the administrators will be the Director of Information Technology Services)
  • Two students
  • One off-campus community member

The students will be selected by ASMSUN; the balance of the members will be selected by the Chancellor of MSU-Northern from recommendations provided by the Director of ITS. The officers of the Committee shall be a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and a secretary, all of whom shall be elected annually at the first fall semester meeting.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Develop policy. In the case of KNMC, the Committee is charged with responsibility for developing appropriate programming policies, personnel policies, budgetary policies, recommending curriculum affiliation policies, standards, licensing authority.
  • The Committee is responsible for recommending the hiring of a student station manager to the Chancellor of MSU-N.
  • Review on a monthly basis any financial transactions of the station.
  • Develop procedures for program review for appropriateness to the general mission of the University.