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Thursday's at 7 AM
in the Fireside Room in the SUB


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ASMSUN Senate Memebers 2014-15
Pictured (Left to Right, Back row to Front row) Patrick Jensen, Karsten Peterson, Jordan Munson, Trent Noel, Maure Murdock, Denise Brewer, Randy Roeber, Kian Gaskin, Barry Francis, Andrew Ball, Eric Sunford, Anastasia Pinocci, Michael Schulteis, Joe Vernon, Faith Martin, Kyla McNamara, Janelle Baird, Jordanna Weimer, Tayla Farar, Lexie Ledbetter, Andrew Potter, Cory Buckley, and Mikal Mavencamp.

Hello, my name is Andrew Potter; and I am your student body president for the upcoming school year. I wanted to welcome you back to Northern on behalf of the student body. Northern is easily the best institution for higher education in the great state of Montana; and that is an unbiased opinion. You will find many amazing people among the student body at Northern; they all have potential to be great future friends, all you have to do is say “Hi.”

There are many great opportunities available to you if you want to get involved at Northern. There are a variety of clubs and organizations on campus that you could join; chief among them is the Student Senate. On top of these different groups, there are a number of activities that you could go to. Your student handbook will have all of these activities listed as well as the Northern website, so make sure to come to as many as you can!

I hope this information helps you at Northern. The best advice that I could give you to get the most out of your experience at Northern is this: Get involved, join a club, come to the activities, make some new friends, and introduce yourself to the people in your classes. If you do these things, you will find that you always have something to do and are more successful in your classes. Finally, always know that there are people to help you with any problems you may face during your first year. There are tutors to help you with your classes and Student Senate will help if you have any issues with the conditions at Northern. I hope your first year at Northern is fantastic and that you learn a lot, but above all: Have Fun!!